• ​2017 Maine Stormwater Conference •Collaborating for Clean Water

    October 23-24, 2017: Ann Kearsley and frequent collaborator civil engineer Tom Fowler, P.E. will be presenting ‘Cows, Kids and Campers: Wolfe’s Neck Farm, a Case Study in Integrative Stormwater Management’ at the biennial stormwater conference in Portland, ME.


    To learn more about the conference and to register, visit mainestormwaterconference.org.

  • ​Society for Ecological Restoration •2017 World Conference • Iguassu, Brazil

    August 2017: Ann Kearsley will be chairing a workshop at SER 2017: ‘Collaborative design in ecological restoration: integrating landscape architecture and ecology to develop socially and environmentally resilient communities.’

    Panelists include:

    Steven Handel, Urban Restoration Ecologist: Rutgers University, Professor & Director, Center for Urban Restoration Ecology

    Joe Berg, Systems Ecologist at Biohabitats, Inc. in Maryland

    To learn more about the Society for Ecological Restoration,

    check out their website.

  • ​AKD Awarded ‘Best of Houzz Design’ 2017

    Winter 2017: For the 5th year in a row, Ann Kearsley Design receives a ‘Best of Houzz’ award for outstanding residential landscape design. Houzz is an online site linking clients and design professionals.

  • ​Society for Ecological Restoration •2016 European Conference • Freising, Germany

    August 2016: Ann Kearsley conducts a workshop at the SER European 2016 Conference: ‘Restoration Principles in Landscape Architecture’


    To learn more about the Society for Ecological Restoration,

    check out their website.

  • ​Boston Society of Landscape Architects 2016 Awards Jury

    March 2016: Ann Kearsley invited to join the BSLA 2016 Design Awards Jury


    To learn more about the Boston Society of Landscape Architects, click here.

  • ​Ecological Landscape Alliance •2014 End of Season Summit

    November 2014: Ann Kearsley will be one of the featured speakers at the ELA’s annual event, speaking on ‘Residential Landscape Restoration’.


    To learn more about the Ecological Landscape Alliance, click here.


  • ​Ann Kearsley Joins Northeastern UniversityUrban Landscape Faculty

    Fall 2014 - present: Ann Kearsley will be teaching ‘Plant Identification & Engagement’ and Site Materials & Methods, working with undergraduate landscape architecture students in Northeastern University's Urban Landscape Program.



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