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Project Overview

Project Overview03/28/10

Rethinking Rural Suburbia


Field & Stream
Framing the Site Plan • I

Framing the Site Plan • I10/26/10

Edge Development

Framing the Site Plan • II

Framing the Site Plan • II10/27/10

Water Quality


Stabilizing Slopes, Reclaiming the Edge
Site Plan

Site Plan11/12/12


Edge Gardens

Edge Gardens03/22/14

Transitional spaces mediate shifts in landscape scale and materials

Nearmerezero on Falmouth, Maine Garden Tour05/19/14

Saturday June 21, 2014 from 10am - 4pm
Falmouth Public Library 2014 Garden Tour

Falmouth Public Library 2014 Garden Tour07/02/14

Gorgeous weather, happy visitors and fresh mown hay!

Burly & Girly

Burly & Girly07/31/14

Massive plants, exuberant flowers, ecstatic pollinators!