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Lecture: Sustainable Site Engineering02/27/09

Sustainable Site Engineering

Lecture: ‘First, Do Less Harm’02/04/10

First Do Less Harm: Developing Environmentally and Economically Sustainable Landscapes

Lecture: ‘Rain Gardens’02/10/10

Rain Gardens: Functional Beauty in the Landscape


The Landscape Institute • New Course • Fall 201009/08/10

Contemporary Ecology- Discourse & Debate: How Science & Philosophy are Transforming the Designed Landscape

Lecture: ‘Design Evolution: Engaging the Present, Adapting to the Future’01/04/11

Integrating design, construction and ecological processes to develop environmentally responsive landscape plans.


GO Home in Maine Home & Design03/22/11

March 2011

Lecture: The SonnenHaus Village Project at Unity College04/05/11

A co-presentation with GO Logic, LLC on Unity's plans for a new residential hall built to Passive House standards.


Dumbarton Oaks Symposium ‘Food and the City’05/07/12

AKD attends the annual Spring symposium in Washington D.C.
We’re Expanding!

We’re Expanding!10/24/13

AKD opens a satellite office in Cambridge, MA