Wolfe’s Neck Farm Master Plan

Wolfe's Neck Farm

May 15, 2015

Wolfe’s Neck Farm Master Plan

Little River Campus

The Master Planning process for Wolfe’s Neck Farm focused on creating greater connectivity between programming and the Farm’s physical property and existing resources. The Design Team’s meetings with staff, board members and consultants led to a greater understanding of the daily life of the Farm and offered an inspiring glimpse of the collective aspirations for Wolfe’s Neck Farm’s future. A consensus emerged, calling for the development of shared resources to support all of the Farm’s programming, and for these resources to be grounded in the life, landscape and operations of the Farm itself: every visitor, whether student, summer camper, farmer or tourist, should be able to access and have direct experience of WNF’s commitment to sustainable agricultural education and outreach.

The Master Plan concentrates Wolfe’s Neck Farm’s programming activity in a new campus at the Little River Farmstead. The Little River Campus proposal seeks to promote synergy among different programs, creating opportunities for unstructured experiential education and productive, serendipitous interactions among visitors and staff. Whether through physical juxtaposition, shared facilities and infrastructure or overlapping circulation systems, these moments of intersection among the different programs will help create a singular identity for Wolfe’s Neck Farm that encompasses both the breadth of its mission and the depth of its resources and opportunities.


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Master Plan11/19/14

Integrating programs in sustainable agriculture, education and recreation